June Note & Computer Returns

Hello BES Families,

June 2020 is certainly going to look different from other school years. We would like to thank everyone for their patience, understanding and assistance in our online teaching and delivery of curriculum. We know learning new platforms (Google Drive, Google Classroom etc) is difficult, especially when thrown into that environment so suddenly. We appreciate your ability to work with us as we all discovered what this way of learning was going to look like. Teachers will continue to have learning activities for everyone until our regular school end date of June 26th. After June 26th, final report cards will be mailed to everyone indicating next year’s grade, teacher and supply list.

We were very happy to loan out our school Chromebooks to assist everyone in accessing online material. Now, we need to collect those devices. We kindly ask that you bring back school-issued technology, textbooks and other borrowed materials according to the first letter of your last name and the following schedule.


Date First Letter of Last Name
June 15 A-F
June 16 G-L
June 17 M-R
June 18 S-Z


Please bring materials to the front doors of the school and staff will be there to greet you. Please follow all AHS recommendations, including 2m social distancing.

We ask everyone tries to adhere to the schedule, however if you need to make alternate arrangements please contact the school at 780-674-8518. Teachers will have learning activities until June 26th. If the return of your school resources disrupts your access to online learning, teachers will use other methods to reach you. Thank you for your understanding. Please contact the school office if you have any questions or concerns.



Posted on: May 26th, 2020