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PHPS Student Survey for Grades 4-6 students and Staff

Alberta Education Survey – All Grade 4 Students and Teachers to complete by January 31. Please pick up a Random Access Code from Ms. Leah Jackson


K1 Mme Alicia Bentz (French Immersion)
K2 Mrs. Alicia Bentz
K3 Mrs. Coreen Harrison
K4 Ms Shelley Weaver
K5 Mrs. Gillian Bourgeios

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4

4A Mr. Blair Michaud
4B Mrs. Caroline Rosko
4C Ms. Cindy Sanford-Hoy/Mrs. Margaret Osborne
4D Miss Martha Friessen
3/4F Mme Presley MacDougall / Mme Amber Spearin

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Social Studies

Language Arts



Grade 5
Grade 6